I like to invest directly where I can target higher returns at lower fees. What’s the value or benefit for me to still participate with Wholesum?

These points make perfect sense when viewing as a purely commercial point.

As a fellow Muslim and also Goldman Sachs Global Leader (where we first met!) is there scope to consider an allocation (albeit tiny) for the main objective of trying to make positive change in the world through your investments? I’m not sure if you’re current investments that you are taking directly are achieving the same social impact. I didn’t start Wholesum to become another commercial fund, I did it to make a positive difference.

The vast majority of our allocation goes toward SME and microfinance beneficiaries where we are reducing inequality and creating jobs. Wholesum is also a carbon positive company (certified by Trace) and we donate 1% of our gross revenues to charity. We’re on a mission to do things differently and count on the support of like-minded individuals and institutions who want to act to make a different world.

This is a real coconut sugar farmer whom I met during my work at the Clinton Foundation. There are hundreds of millions of farmers like him in a debt trap with the trader that purchases from him. All for the fact that he doesn’t have access to working capital and depends on the trader to provide an advance. Trying to change this is what motivates me everyday.

As an ex-McK allow me to share a perspective with numbers lol.

Let’s assume two scenarios on a $20k investment:
Option A: You make 20% return on another investment OR (Net yield is $4k)
Option B: You make 10% net return after fees from Wholesum (Net yield is $2k)

To summarise, the net difference of $2k could account for the following impact that you’d be having Insha Allah where you’re:

  • Supporting job creation and poverty reduction around the world
  • Partnering with a carbon-positive investment fund that also donates 1% of gross revenues directly to charity
  • Helping a Muslim fintech get off the ground to generate even more impact around the world

All for not laying a finger anywhere (if we consider the hours saved on time investing, rebalancing etc) – that closes the gap even more :)!