What makes your investments ethical and Shari’ah compliant?

The Wholesum team applies a rigorous process to select responsible and ethical investments into the Wholesum Responsible Fund.

Negative screens are used to exclude investments from the investable universe because they conflict with our investment principles on ethical and Shari’ah-compliance. Examples of Non-compliant Industries include:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Financial services that practice conventional non Shari’ah finance activities
  • Immoral purposes
  • Gambling
  • Pork food products
  • Armaments and weaponry
  • Hotel and accommodation premises serving alcohol
  • Businesses deemed unacceptable by the Fund’s ethical and Shari’ah advisors.

For investments via investment partners and underlying investment managers, we assess whether Non-compliant Industries are negatively screened in their investment strategy. In addition to an initial investment review, an annual review is conducted to ensure they do not allocate the Fund’s investment monies in Non-compliant Industries.

During the annual review process, should a direct investee or investment partner or underlying investment manager engage in Non-compliant Industries in contravention of the Fund’s ethical and Shari’ah compliant principles, the Fund will divest those assets as soon as reasonably practicable.