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Our senior management team and advisory board are united in the belief that responsible investments are key to a better future for all. Cumulatively, they bring over 100 years of experience across finance, strategy, technology and growth marketing.

The Wholesum team share their favourite personal finance hacks.


Set a long term financial goal and take small, consistent steps towards it every month to keep on track.


Set up automatic transfers from your salary account to a savings or investment account. By doing this, you’ll grow your wealth without even thinking about it.


When investing, never put “all your eggs in one basket”. I like to invest in a wide range of assets to reduce the risk of one specific asset losing value quickly.


Hold off making a non-essential purchase for 24 hours. Most impulse buys are just a temporal desire than vanishes overnight.

Shereef Metwally

Don’t fall into the trap of living week to week. Set something up for yourself by making your money work just as hard as you do. Your future self will thank you for it.


Be clear about the relative importance of “form” versus “function”. If the main reason to buy something is based on how useful it is and its specific capabilities, don’t be swayed by how it looks or its brand.


While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with multiple debts, score early wins and save money but paying off the highest cost debts first. Just as financing costs can compound, paying them off can accelerate your journey towards financial freedom.


If you spend all your time on budgeting and saving money, the most you can save is the amount you spend each month. But if you focus on making more money through investments or learning new skills, there’s no limit to how much you can earn.