New Frontiers of Impact Investing: SME and Microfinance Financing

by | Jan 25, 2024

Investing has the power to create positive change in the world. One impactful way to make a difference is through financing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and supporting microfinance. In this article, we will explore how these approaches drive positive impact – such as economic empowerment, financial inclusion and environmental protection.

Small and medium-sized enterprise investing

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of many economies, driving innovation, creating jobs, and fostering local development. By providing financial support to these businesses, positive impact investors help unlock their potential for growth and sustainability.

1. Empowering Local Economies: Investing in SMEs contributes to the growth of local economies. These enterprises often operate within their communities, hiring local talent, and sourcing goods and services from nearby suppliers. By injecting capital into these businesses, positive impact investors foster economic stability, job creation, and community development.

2. Driving Innovation: SMEs are known for their agility and ability to innovate. By investing in these enterprises, positive impact investors fuel innovation and encourage the development of new products, services, and solutions. This not only benefits the businesses themselves but also addresses social and environmental challenges, leading to positive change on a broader scale.

3. Social and Environmental Responsibility: Positive impact investors prioritise SMEs that align with their values and demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. These enterprises often integrate sustainable practices, promote fair labour conditions, and prioritise ethical sourcing. By supporting such businesses, investors contribute to the advancement of responsible and sustainable business practices.

Financing small and medium-sized businesses and empowering marginalized microfinance clients are important means by which the Wholesum Fund generates positive impact.

Microfinance investing

Microfinance is a financial service that provides small loans and other financial products to individuals who are typically excluded from traditional banking services. This approach empowers individuals, particularly in underserved communities, to start or expand their businesses and improve their livelihoods.

1. Financial Inclusion: Microfinance bridges the gap between the unbanked population and financial services. By extending small loans, savings accounts, and insurance products to individuals who lack access to traditional banking, microfinance enables financial inclusion. This empowers individuals to build assets, manage risks, and improve their economic well-being.

2. Poverty Alleviation: Microfinance plays a crucial role in poverty alleviation. By providing financial resources to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in low-income communities, microfinance helps individuals create sustainable livelihoods. This not only lifts people out of poverty but also strengthens local economies and promotes social stability.

3. Women’s Empowerment: Microfinance has a significant impact on women’s empowerment. Many microfinance programs specifically target women, recognising their crucial role in community development. By providing access to capital, financial education, and business training, microfinance empowers women to start and grow their businesses, enhancing their economic independence and social standing.

Wholesum is pioneering SME and microfinance investing

Wholesum is a unique digital investment platform that provides everyday savers with an unparalleled opportunity to make a positive impact through small and medium-sized enterprise and microfinance investing in Australia and around the world. By utilising Wholesum, individuals can support responsible businesses and entrepreneurs, contribute to local and global economic growth, and drive meaningful change in communities. It’s a platform that combines the power of investing and positive impact, enabling investors to align their financial goals with their values.


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